Dental Implants

A dental implant is the opportunity to recover lost health, aesthetics and proper oral function if a tooth is lost. The implants will be the supports of future teeth. The benefit of replacing missing teeth with implants is that healthy adjacent teeth will not be prepared to support a fixed partial denture and the need to use movable dentures is eliminated, resulting in the patients feeling aesthetically and functionally fit.

For us, the diagnosis and planning of the surgical placement of implants in the course of the treatment plan is just as important, if not more important, than the surgery itself. For this reason, before any surgery, we design the final smile and the whole course of treatment. This approach leads us to the proper planning of the ideal position of dental implants and their proper placement time in the course of the treatment. This planning can also be implemented by developing customized surgical guides for complex cases. In this way, the surgery is accurate, predictable and completely safe.


Each case is digitally planned and executed in the most appropriate manner. Our philosophy is to choose the proper treatment plan for you with a long-term outcome in combination with the least invasive procedure. For optimum aesthetic results, the ultimate digital design of the ideal position of your teeth is the basis for the surgery. This design together with the patient’s CBCT leads us to plan the ideal position of the dental implants.


Safe and precise

Surgical guides are used in order to achieve the highest precision in complex cases that require placement of dental implants. Surgical guides are printed 3D based on the digital surgery planning, with the use of specialized software and the patient’s CBCT

Reduced Trauma

When implant therapy is performed with guided surgery, the surgery itself is simpler, and trauma is reduced especially for the soft-tissues. Overall we can achieve faster healing and better post-op comfort.

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