Nobody wants to be a patient. Everyone wants a healthy and beautiful smile. At “Dental Wellness” there is only one treatment that stops you from being ill: a journey having health and beauty as its destination. All therapeutic procedures are simple steps of a personalized treatment plan based on your needs. At the end of this journey you are healthy, you have the smile you always wanted and a long lasting effect. In order to achieve this, we follow a strict protocol, which includes 3 basic steps.


Smile Design and functional treatment planning

Your first visit to Dental Wellness is a unique experience, that has no resemblance whatsoever to a typical visit to a dentist’s office. During this, you will have a conversation with our doctors that will allow us to understand your wishes. Then a photo session will follow, x-ray taking, as well as impressions or a digital scan of your mouth. This information is gathered and will form our basis for the digital design of your future smile. Your treatment plan will take into account the proper functioning of your stomatognathic system, biology and aesthetics in order to achieve a long lasting and healthy result. 

 At this point you will be informed on the cost and the details of your treatment.


Biology and Function

Although the planning of our treatment course begins with the aesthetic analysis and digital design of your smile, the treatment will begin on a different basis. Specifically, we will first deal with all biological problems (caries, plaque, infections, periodontal and gingival problems, etc.) then we will take care of functional problems (proper occlusion, tooth defects, muscle balance, etc.) By completing the above stage you will be healthy, both biologically and functionally.
Periodontal Treatments

Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the tissues around the teeth ( gums, bone, ligaments ). Treatment of periodontal disease aims to eliminate the causes of the disease and stop its progression. Periodontal treatment can vary depending on the causes of periodontal disease and can include surgical and non-surgical techniques to restore the health of both soft tissues (gums) and hard tissues. Once the disease is stabilized, the focus will be on restoring the damage through various reconstructive procedures. Most often, periodontal treatment must be integrated into a complex treatment plan


Aesthetic rehabilitation is the final part of your treatment if you are not happy with your smile and want to smile more confidently. Based on the original planning, aesthetic restoration is achieved with veneers, all-ceramic crowns or a bleaching process. All are guided by the planning, which serves as the basis for all other therapeutic processes.
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