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At DENTAL WELLNESS, treatment is based on scientific documentation and is guided by our passion to provide health and beauty tο our patients. Your participation in this joyrney is the highest expectation of Dental Wellness.

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Dental Tourism Services


We can assist in planning your trip

We provide you with information, everything you might need to know about your treatment plan, appointments, solutions to any kind of problems, assistance with travel bookings, accommodation or any other thing you might need during your treatment.

Remote consultation

Upon initial contact, we can provide you with a list of documentation that is required of you. You can do it in your country of residence and send it to us via email. We can then provide precise estimate and prepare all treatment planning and sequence by the time you arrive, making efficient use of your time here.

Aftercare in your own country

All the treatments we provide are governed by the highest standards of material quality and the implants we use are accompanied by an international passport of data which makes it easy to be recognized by the dentist in any part of the world. Depending on the country you live in, we will point you to a specialist in your area, for the aftercare of the treatments you received at Dental Wellness.
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