Refresh your appearance with a Dental Wellness Cosmetic Smile Makeover

Dental Aesthetics

Refresh your appearance with a Dental Wellness Cosmetic Smile Makeover, which is an easy and painless procedure. Dr. Dimitris Kolovos and Dr. Dimitris Pallis can give you a natural youthful smile in just one week.

You are an excellent candidate for a Dental Wellness Cosmetic Smile Makeover, if you are not happy with your smile for any of the following reasons:

Crooked teeth, Discoloration, Worn out teeth, Separated teeth



The beginning of the entire treatment is the digital design, which is then transformed into a treatment plan that integrates biology, function, and aesthetics in order to achieve a long-term result. The philosophy behind our approach is based on the analysis both facial and tooth proportions, by using a predefined set of high-quality digital photos and videos, a digital clone of your smile, as well as 3D images showing the relationship between your teeth and gums, lips and smile, with facial features in motion. In each case, we can simulate the end of the treatment, by using a video of your oral condition both before (before treatment begins) and after our digital intervention is completed, before you even begin your treatment. All patients want and strive to have naturally beautiful smiles, which are in complete harmony with their physical characteristics and especially with their personalities.

Video simulation

The digital design can be transformed into a simulation that we can transfer to your mouth, so that you can watch a realistic simulation of your new smile through a video we will make especially for you. The above procedure allows you to preview the final result before you even start treatment. This design, once confirmed by you, will form the basis for the implementation of rest of the treatment.



One session with Immediate results.

Bleaching is a non-invasive procedure that improves the image of your teeth. The bleaching results vary depending on the structure of the tooth. On average, you can get shades 2 to 3 times brighter. The whitening effect lasts for 2 to 3 years, depending on your eating habits. Bleaching occurs in a single visit, which lasts just over an hour. The effect is immediate. You leave the clinic with brighter teeth. Guaranteed.



Natural. Unique. Invisible.

Porcelain veneers are a restorative, minimally invasive treatment option that can improve the shape, the harmony and the colour of a tooth. If you want a more balanced, brighter or just a different smile, porcelain veneers are the perfect solution for you. Although very delicate restorations, they are extremely durable when adhered to the teeth. Once you have selected veneers to restore your smile, you can choose any shade. The color change is permanent.